Welcome to The Order of the Epicene

epicene: 'that which exhibits characteristics of both genders, yet is neither.' (ref: oed)

alchemical androgyneandrogynethe holy order of the epicene is comprised of circles of people who choose to live outside of the polarized gender spectrum.

we see ourselves as bridge builders, as caregivers, archivists and historians. throughout history, every culture has had epicene people in their communities and religions. in 1972, the gay american indian movement coined the name two-spirit, to have a common name to call themselves. two-spirits are also called the 'walks-betweens' as they are said to walk in between the realms of men or women. in ancient sumeria, we were called the reed-people, the ones who lived between, as in between the land and the sea.

we are an international disorganisation open to anyone who defines themselves as epicene, and feels the call to live this life in service to community and spirit. we are the keepers of the libraries and archives, we are the tenders of the sick, and the companions and facilitators for people's transitions, whatever they may be.

our circles have been connecting and meeting for the sabbats for the last five years. over the last year, we have been gathering and meeting, via many methods of connection, on the average of twice a month. our members currently span the globe, with folks in england, australia, and france, as well as across the u.s. and canada.

our primary focus right now is the epicene pagan library. we are in the midst of cataloguing and organising the primary collections, those of kalyn tranquilsson, john mcclimans, emily garlick, and others. our intent is to continue to provide the library as an open community resource to the queer and pagan communities. we are also very aware that to have all the books up and available will take up space, which means rent.

our ongoing plan is to create a pagan epicene retreat center and hospice with a focus on elder care.

we are deeply committed to the concept of notaflof, no one turned away for lack of funds. EVER. access to information and care is crucial in any community, especially in subcultures such as ours.

our current thought is to offer paid subscriptions to the library, based in a monthly sliding scale and always notaflof. our suggestion is to pay per month what you earn in one hour of your chosen labour. more if you can, less if you can't, no-one turned away for lack of funds. any other donations are gratefully accepted. all are tax deductible, just let us know that you need a reciept.

our goal is to raise $300 per month, to allow for a room with enough space for the entire collection, and a desk with computer and printer, so web research is available as well as print research. the computer has been donated already, many thanks to the multiverse. we encourage people to donate whatever they are able, be that monetary, time, shelving materials, organisational skills, or something we haven't even thought of yet.

we gratefully acknowledge the fellowship of the spiral path for their kindness in taking us under their umbrella.

for more information, to sign up on our email list, or to make a donation please contact us at or call 510-652-6152